The Hybrids is a feature film now in development with this plot line:

A reporter uncovers the source of humanity’s suffering - an alien genetic intrusion - but before she can open a path to healing our world, she must awaken to her true self, confront humanity’s oppressors, and save Earth from a final alien assault.

Change is upon us. The state our world is in cannot be sustained. Ours is a time of great promise and of grave threat, both. We may yet achieve a sane and harmonious civilization, or we may descend into a dark abyss, since our many attempts at reversing our disastrous course clearly aren’t working. This film gives a glimpse of the new paradigm we desperately need. Set in the near dystopia of the year 2050, The Hybrids depicts how, despite the odds, we can save ourselves.

The movie frankly aims to make salvation a bit more likely. That is why Intentions Cinema, LLC – the producer of The Hybrids – is starting out by seeking social impact investors - people who aim to do good while doing well. For information in depth about the film and about opportunities for investment, contact:

To see a stage show based on the historical accounts that inspired this film, go to VIDEOS on the menu bar of and select The Mesopotamian Tale in Performance.