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Do you want to challenge your imagination with the exploration of the alternative origins of humanity? Mike Brenner’s work will broaden your mind and your concept of what is possible. Evolution Diverted and The Mesopotamian Tale re-evaluate the ancient Sumerian tablets, which tell tales of travelers from outer space who redirected our species’ evolution. Their interference may or may not have been for the better, but these tales of invaders who, if they did exist, left a legacy of trauma that is being played out and re-enacted before our eyes in devastating wars, environmental destruction, and mass psychosis.

However, all is not lost as Brenner provides possible avenues of rebirth for our fallen species, many of which are sensible whether or not one accepts his proposed alien hypothesis in Evolution Diverted and in The Mesopotamian Tale. It is possible that the Sumerians were writing works of fiction just as writers have throughout human history. This author is in the company of a growing network of intellectuals, scholars, and skeptics of the traditionally accepted version of human history, who see the ancient accounts as metaphors.

Yet even as a metaphor, Evolution Diverted and The Mesopotamian Tale both remind us of humanity’s fragility on earth and in the universe at large and also of the urgent necessity for our species to take steps to prevent our species’ end as envisioned in current post-apocalyptic literature, films, and other mainstream media. Welcome to an alternative view of human history.

Evolution Diverted suggests ways in which we could use what our ancestors left behind to relieve our troubled state and to work toward the kind of society for which we yearn. The path that the book envisions involves frank challenges to firmly held scientific and religious beliefs. Given the state of our world, some audacity is warranted.

The Mesopotamian Tale, compact companion to Evolution Diverted, contains the story that’s at the heart of that hefty book. The tale focuses on the period from the events that led to the extraordinary birth of our kind, to the fading out of the first religion of civilization, the worship of the Lofty Ones.