Starting Monday evening, June 1st, and continuing on the subsequent four Mondays in June, I will be hosting a Zoom webinar...an in-depth discussion of EVOLUTION DIVERTED / How an Altered Genetic Origin Is Driving Us to Self-Destruct. Each session will run from 7:00 to 8:30 PM.

Each webinar session will be privately posted on YouTube. Everyone who registers will be provided with links to those videos, so if you miss a session, or want to watch one again or share them, you'll be able to.

Zoom will be set to gallery mode to facilitate questions and comments from the participants, who will be able to un-mute when they want to interact. In the published video, their voices will be heard, but my image will be the only one on-screen.

In recognition of the monetary strain so many are experiencing, the cost of the webinar has been reduced from $125 to $75. A higher amount, though, would be accepted with gratitude, offsetting the partial scholarships that will be provided upon request.

To register, simply send payment via PayPal, Zelle, or Venmo to: brennermike42@gmail.com. You will receive the link on or about May 30th, and a reminder on the day of the webinar session.

For questions or concerns, you can go to the CONTACT page and send email from there.

By the way, the webinar's introductory session is posted on this website as "The Making of a Storyteller". Just go to the VIDEOS page...