"If you want to stretch your imagination and explore alternative origins for humanity, Mike Brenner’s book will help you out…Read this account with an open mind; you might accept its thesis, reject it, or remain agnostic, but you will not be bored!"

Stanley Krippner, Ph.D
Professor, Saybrook University, Dept. of Psychology
Fellow, American Psychological Association

Looking to The Past to address our troubles in The Present and light our way into the Future... these books aim to bring the oldest accounts of humanity's origins from the fringes into the mainstream... and in so doing, to awaken the mainstream to embedded misconceptions about our nature.

Who are these books for?

Those familiar with Anunnaki:

Anunnaki in Ardmore, PA

With new evidence and advances in new science, Evolution Diverted will validate your fascination with the ancient tales. The books for Anunnaki strengthens the credibility of the stories of the Lofty Ones with scholarly and scientific discourse. It also explains why the stories are as important as you’ve always felt them be, by showing how they’ve left deep imprints on all of human history, including the present moment. As a bonus, the work lays out for the first time in seamless chronology the essential core of the saga of the living gods and the peoples of Mesopotamia.

If you’re well versed in the stories, you can get a sample of how the book bolsters their credibility by using this link to the chapter: The Origin of Our Species.



Those whose curiosity takes them beyond mainstream science:

The journey on which your curiosity has led you will seem to point quite naturally to Evolution Diverted. You are likely to feel that your interest in avoided and obscured truths is supported by the challenge to orthodoxy that the book poses. The work may fortify your conviction that eventually many unfairly deprecated explorers, such as Anton Mesmer, Wilhelm Reich, and Zecharia Sitchin, will be afforded the full honor they deserve. And if your intuition has been telling you that the standard view of human history is misleading in some fundamental way, this work will provide information that may resolve your quandary.

If this describes your orientation, you will enjoy the book’s embrace of the most fundamental of all physical realities, denigrated for over a hundred years as prescientific Eastern mysticism, with this link to the appendix: The Field.


Those relentlessly seeking answers to questions like, "What is our purpose?" and "Why are we at war with ourselves and nature?"

Evolution Diverted will provide you with facts and ideas you may be able to use to arrive at the answers for which you are searching. In the book you will likely find support for the hope that you wish to maintain for humanity’s future. To confirm that this book is aligned with your motivation, with this link you can leap ahead to one of its final chapters: What Now?


"We have all participated in a conspiracy of limited view of self and species. Ultimately, I take this work into a resolve to become evermore personally self-determined and to promote that principle in my community and the world."

Xavier Eikerenkoetter
Co-founder, Rhythm Arts Alliance, Los Angeles
Spiritual Dir. Emeritus, United Palace House of Inspiration, NYC

The Books:


Evolution Diverted
Revised Edition

How a Forgotten Intrusion

Is Driving Humanity to Self-Destruct

Is it possible for texts and images in clay and stone, unearthed from Mesopotamia’s ruins, to bring relief to humankind’s troubled state? This book proposes that indeed they could. And as we know, relief is badly needed. Physical scientists are telling us that if present trends continue, the outlook for life on Earth is not good. Social scientists say the same about the outlook for our species. As humanity’s condition and the planet’s condition worsen, they become frightening reflections of each other.



The Mesopotamian Tale
Revised Edition

An Origin Story

The Mesopotamian Tale, compact companion to Evolution Diverted, contains the story that’s at the heart of that hefty book. It presents a tale assembled by this author from texts and images unearthed from the ruined cities of Mesopotamia. The tale focuses on the period from the events that led to the extraordinary birth of our kind, to the fading out of the first religion of civilization, the worship of the Lofty Ones.


"The question addressed by Mike Brenner is what could have caused Homo sapiens to become so out of harmony with the natural world and develop so many maladaptive behaviors. The answer, he contends, lies in the remarkable genesis of our species, the story of which has been hidden in plain sight for over a century."

Linda Gooding. Ph.D
Professor Emerita, Emory University
Dept. of Microbiology and Immunology

About the Author:

In his first career, Mike addressed certain human needs and desires… as an architect. In his second career, he tended to human needs and desires of another kind… as a psychiatrist. Now, with a lifetime of experience and years of study, he is addressing human needs and desires in an even broader way... intending to share the hope for our future that he's derived from the oldest tales ever written.


"As a spiritual carnivore, I like meaty ribs and I enjoy a tasty offering. Evolution Diverted is a meaty masterpiece. Mike does not merely talk about the jeopardy we are in as a culture; he offers hope based on our history and on choices we can now make. Read it."

Jonathan Cohen, Ph.D
Clinical Psychologist
International Leader Emeritus, The Mankind Project

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